We are all being witnesses of the major changes happening in our life due to Covid-19 pandemic. Our daily routine is being affected in all ways and as it is expected, the operation of our hotel is also affected.

In order to face new conditions and correspond to the circumstances now appeared, the management and the staff of LATO hotel are taking all necessary measure to encounter the situation. Our target is to ensure a safe accommodation for your holidays and we aim to offer the best possible environment to our guests, combining all new sanitary protocols with our usual high standards of operation.

In order to achieve our target our staff received all the necessary training and education regarding the confrontation of Covid-19. This training was organized by the Medical University of Crete. The personnel of our establishment apply all measure of personal hygiene protection, in all stages of their everyday work and respect all new protocols. Our property is also being frequently consulted by the Greek Ministry of Tourism about this matter.

The use of a technology that becomes more popular lately, also contributes our efforts. Sterilization of rooms is achieved by using UVC – Pulse method, everytime after check out and before new guests arrive. A UVC sterilizer is also used for the room keys before we provide them to the new guests.

Contactless check-in is also promoted in order to avoid physical contact with sharing objects like passports e.t.c.

In order to have the best possible result we ask for the guest’s commitment to respect the hygiene rules. As it is obligatory now by law, guests must wear a face mask in all indoors public places of the hotel and also care for their personal hygiene protection by using sanitizers placed in public areas or respect the social distancing of 2 meters between them.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is also affecting the operation of the hotel in more ways that prevent us from offering all the usual standards of service we are willing to offer. As you understand, this is something that we cannot avoid, and we count on your understanding about that.

In particular:

The breakfast is not buffet style anymore. It is prepared by the staff to offer 2 specific options. Guests receive their tray, ready, from the breakfast ladies.

The check out time now is 11:00 and the check in time is 15:00. This time gap in between them is necessary for sterilization to take process.

The cleaning service is not every day any more as sanitary protocols now demand. Greek law now prohibits the house keepers to enter the rooms every day to prevent the spread of a possible incident in between the guests of the hotel. The cleaning service and towels change will take place every 3-4 days, changing of linen once a week.

Entrance of non residents is not permitted in rooms or public places like the pool e.t.c

The use of the pool shower is obligatory before entering the pool. The sun beds are limited in number and must be placed in distance between them. Used sun beds are also sterilized by the staff.

The snack bar of the hotel will remain closed for the whole of the remaining season. The pool bar will remain open in the evenings.

Changes apply in other sorts of everyday life of course as in restaurants, taxi service, shops e.t.c . Since this is a subject to change frequently, depending on Covid-19 status, you are always welcome to ask us by sending a message at and be updated about the latest information for this matter.

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